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About Me

I have had a strong energy and passion for photography for as long as I can remember. The defining moment for me was when I was about 12 years old and I owned a small 110mm point and shoot camera. I would make my younger sister dress up and pose so I could take modeling pictures of her.


I was just having fun, playing around at the time, and when I look back now, I realize that taking pictures easily became second nature to me. My passion for photography truly started when I realized I have an eye to capture different elements in their true environment.


One of my most valuable traits is patience and this works to my advantage with anything I am attempting to photograph, but is especially valued when working with kids. Nanning for many years and now having my own child has only strengthened my love and patience for Children over the years. I am always willing and able to wait for that perfect shot.


I started shooting professionally in a studio when I was 17 years old. I took photography classes for my elective credits in college while working at getting a degree in small business management. This lead me to shooting my very first wedding at 18 years old, and now still loving it with 20+ years of experience. 


I have a very comfortable in home studio in Chaska, MN and I do shoot on location as well.


Natural forms and creations have always been breathtaking to me. Everything from the tiniest baby toes, beautiful landscapes or the little water droplets on the simplest of flowers, if I am able to capture what I see in a single shot, and you are able to feel what I felt at that moment, then I have done my job.


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